Screenshots from OpenStage Phone Display

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Software Requirements

Following software is necessary for making OpenStage screenshots:

Making a screenshot on OpenStage is a little bit tricky. You need some experience in network technologies. But once configured the making of screenshots is quite easy and can be done whenever you want. The following description is a step by step manual following an example configuration.

  • IP-Address PC:
  • IP-Address Phone:

Software preparation

  • Download and Install Putty
  • Download and Install tftp32
  • Download and install irfanview
  • Download and install irfanview Plugins

Remark: Be sure, that the plugins for irfanview are installed. Otherwise the raw format can not be read.

Start the TFTP server

Screenshots from OpenStage Phone Display 01.png

Files can be up- and downloaded from/to the phone by using tftp. The server shows the listening IP address and the files directory.:

  • IP Address of the TFTP server:
  • File transfer directory: C:\FTPD

Enable the SSH access at the phone

Screenshots from OpenStage Phone Display 02.png
SSH access configuration

  • Enable Access: Activate the SSH session = Yes
  • Session Password: Login password for the SSH session, example: 123456
  • Access minutes: Set to 15 minutes
  • Session minutes: Set to 60 minutes

Open a terminal session to the phone

Use the SSH client to connect to the phone. The user name for ssh access is always admin. Please use the configured password for login.

  • User: admin
  • Password: 123456

Screenshots from OpenStage Phone Display 03.png
Successful SSH Login

An open terminal session is present after successful login.


Manual screenshots

OpenStage 15/20/40/60/80:

  1. Copy the frame buffer of the screen into a file: cat /dev/fb0 > /tmp/screenshot.raw
  2. Transfer the File to the PC: tftp -pl /tmp/screenshot.raw -r screenshot.raw

Automatic screenshots

OpenStage 15/20/40/60/80:

This mode is useful, if you need more than one screenshot of the phone. The screenshots are made with a small shell script, which automatically transfers the file to the PC. Unique file names are auto-matically generated.

Shell Script

FN=os80ss$(date +%Y%m%d-%H%M%S).raw
cat /dev/fb0 > /tmp/$FN
tftp -pr $FN -l /tmp/$FN
  1. Copy the script to the phone: tftp -gr
  2. Make the script executable: chmod 777
  3. Make screenshot: ./

Import the screenshot and save it in a different format

OpenStage 60/80:

Make sure that irfanView with plugins is installed.

Screenshots from OpenStage Phone Display 04.png
IrfanView parameters for RAW import

Adopt following parameters:

Parameter OpenStage 60 OpenStage 80
Image witdth 320 640
Image height 240 480
File header size 1
BitsPerPixel (BPP) 16
R:G:B bits 5:6:5

The screenshot is now seen in IrfanView. You can convert the picture in any format you want with the Save as function.