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OpenScape Desk Phone CP
new.pngOpenScape Desk Phone CP

In this Image Pool you find an overview of available product images, screenshots and logos in this wiki, divided in product families. All images can displayed in high resolution by clicking on each image.

You can use the images for free and without reference for promotion or advertising.

See also:

Clients & Devices

OpenScape Desk Phone CP

See also OpenScape Desk Phone CP portal page.

OpenScape Desk Phone IP

See also OpenScape Desk Phone IP portal page.


See also OpenStage portal page.

OpenStage 5 has the same housing like the optiPoint 410/500 entry.



See also optiPoint portal page.


DECT & VoWLAN Handsets, DECT Infrastructure

OpenScape DECT Phone SL5

OpenScape DECT Phone S5

OpenScape DECT Phone S5 Base

OpenStage M3

OpenStage WL3

DECT IP base station (BSIP2)

Unified Communications

OpenScape Business

myPortal @work

myPortal for Desktop

myPortal for Outlook

myPortal to go

myPortal UC Integration on OpenScape DeskPhone CP