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== See also ==
== See also ==
{{us}} [ OpenScapeVoice on] <br>
{{us}} [ OpenScapeVoice on] <br>
{{de}} [ OpenScapeVoice auf]
{{de}} [ OpenScapeVoice auf]

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OpenScape Voice is Unify's flagship voice platform solution for mid-to-large enterprise companies. This SIP-based voice application has been designed with data center deployments in mind and for use within a virtualized architecture. OpenScape Voice is standards-based and provides session management for all network communication. Integrating additional solution components including phones, gateways, and survivability appliances is also possible with OpenScape Voice.

OpenScape Voice’s list of features includes:

  • Carrier-grade (five nines) reliability built around open standards
  • High scalability up to 100,000 users on a single platform
  • Virtualized for easy integration into data center and cloud environments
  • SIP-based session management
  • Built-in media server
  • Secure communications with end-to-end encryption and VPN
  • Auto-attendant
  • Group calling and conferencing
  • Survivable branch office for extending reliability to remote locations
  • Support for PSTN interconnection with OpenScape Branch 500i
  • Integrated Session Border Controller for low cost SIP trunking and higher security

OpenScape Voice Ecosystem

OpenScape Voice is part of an ecosystem of products that includes:

  • OpenScape Voice
  • OpenScape Branch
  • OpenScape Session Border Controller
  • OpenScape Management Applications including:
    • OpenScape Common Management Platform
    • OpenScape User Management
    • OpenScape Deployment Service
    • OpenScape Fault Management
    • OpenScape Accounting

OpenScape Enterprise Express

OpenScape Enterprise Express combines many of the applications found in the OpenScape Voice ecosystem into a pre-integrated, pre-configured solution which can be rapidly deployed for businesses of up to 5,000 users.

See the OpenScape Enterprise Express page for more information.

See also

United States of America  OpenScapeVoice on
Deutschland  OpenScapeVoice auf