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Until recent times OpenScape functionality has been limited in its access via a web portal only. By utilising the capabilities of the AGP, the OpenScape Proxy Web Service (OSPWS) and some server side applications we can now provide a significant amount of functionality on the optiPoint Series phones via the DSM or APM.

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Operational Overview
  • An Openscape application on the phone interacts with the server using XML. The server provides XML to the phone which the application renders into a screen for the user to interact with. The user’s interaction with the phone results in key-value pairs being passed back to the server for processing.
  • The Servlet application in the server passes the key-value pairs to the Middleware application for processing.
  • The Middleware processes the information received from the Servlet and sends instructions to the Openscape proxy.
  • The Openscape proxy carries out the instructions received from the Middleware.
  • The phone is pushed new information based on the state of the application running on the server. The phone’s APM is updated.

Key Features

  • Set Your Status

User can set their status to show whether they are available, out of the office, on vacation etc.

  • Set Your Prefered Devices

User can select from a list of contact devices the device on which they wish to be contacted, e.g. mobile, office phone etc.

  • View Contacts

A list of your contacts and various options relating to each contact, e.g. Call the contact, view their location, set up notifications for when they become avaialable

  • View Workgroups

Shows the groups of which the user is a member and allows them to start a conference call between members of the group

  • Call Handling

The user can retrieve and end calls and put active calls on hold

  • Notifications

Set up a notification for a contact which will alert the user when the contact changes their status to the desired status