OpenScape Desk Phone CP HFA Release Notes

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OpenScape CP200 HFA V1R0

General information V1R0

What’s New?

Area Summary
Password Policy Several Security Policy settings for the User and Admin passwords can be set, for example required length and Expiry period.

V1 R0.6.0

Fixed Bugs

This section lists issues that have been resolved or closed for the OpenScape Desk Phone CP HFA V1R0 product.

ID Summary
CallBridge:Restart of CP200 after conference is ended
CallBridge:No indication that the system is restarted and no actions possible after reconnection
CallBridge:Device restart is needed after user password is changed
Cancel mobility password cannot be configured via WBM
There is no mobility indication icon and reg. number in DLS
Change System Type String to be more generic

OpenScape CP 400/600 HFA V1R1

General information V1R1

What’s New?

Area Summary
Auto Dial Timer There is now a configurable Auto Dial Timer for Blockdial Mode. The entered digits will be dialled if no further digits are entered within the configured time. (User -> Configuration -> Outgoing Calls -> Autodial delay (s) (Default is 6s)
Block Dial Mode By Default the Phone does have the preferred Dialling Mode active that makes the best use of the Conversations functionality. So OK Key Press is required to dial the number.

Each user can configure that on his(her) own but admin can also configure that via DLS (IP Phone Configuration -> Features -> Call Related User settings)

If dialing is started On Hook and the handset is picked up the current entered digits are directly dialed.
Bluetooth The new Bluetooth technology used in CP600 will contain the latest BT V4.1 standard with the low energy (LE) extensions and advanced feature set.

Proximity locking/unlocking is supported for Bluetooth Devices (only available for Local Lock)

Conference The phone will now display the number of conference members


Introduction of the Conversation concept. Connected Calls List, Contacts (LDAP, Exchange and System

Phonebook) and Call log combines into single list of items on the Deskphone Display. To mark all Conversations with new missed Calls as read at once a user password is required.

To prevent an unwanted close of the dialling window on edit in block dial mode the window is no longer closed on a Left key press. To close it for example in case of an Off Hook Call pickup attempt on CP600 Favourites keys use the menu key to gain access the Favourites screen.
Dialling Screen for External Numbers To prevent the impression that the phone did not dial the entered digits, especially for external numbers where the CO provider will take some time to provide the dialling feedback, an intermediate screen will be shown.
End of Call notification An end of Call or Transferred Call notification is shown on OS4k systems but suppressed on OSBiz systems due to sometimes irritating notifications in case of One number service and other advanced features on OSBiz.
Energy Saver improvement Pickup Calls or Calls made from a CTI client will wake up the phone if it was in Power Save mode
Exchange Acquiring contacts on the phone from an Exchange server (e.g. Microsoft Outlook)
Favourites The Favourites screen does provide 16 Keys, with 2 layers each, which can be defined with Feature

functions or DSS Keys. With configured UC functionality they will provide extensive information about the UC status of the defined user

In case of Feature activation on a CP600 Favourites key the phone will not directly switch to the Idle screen and show the Text send from system as Confirmation/rejection. Shift Key press does not switch to Idle screen
Group Call Log (OSBiz) Missed Group Calls are part of the Conversation List. They are sorted based on Timestamp but instead of displaying the timestamp the phone will display the Group Name that was called. To view the time the Conversation Details need to be opened.

Delete of Group Call on a specific device is already signalled from phone to system but currently the other group members are not informed from system about this action.

Handling of Multiple active

Calls (OSBiz)

If the User does have more than two active calls, for example multiple parties on hold the partner will be able to switch directly to each of them via the Conversation List by selecting the corresponding entry either by highlighting it and pressing OK or using the Key beside the displayed line of the user within the conversation list. A convenient access to the conversation list is provided within the Call Screen in case there are more than two parties.

Pressing the right arrow key on a highlighted conversation will bring up Contact details and Call History for the user, except for the current active call or if there are only two calls.

LDAP Enhances LDAP functionality: Dynamic call related LDAP lookup. If number of a call is not found in the local conversation information, the phone will perform an LDAP search using the number and dynamically create conversation based on the LDAP search result.

Get avatar picture from LDAP server (3 methods to be supported) LDAP template configuration in WBM Phone automatically Filter LDAP search results without phone number on quick search

Local Phone Lock In addition to the System provided Phone Locking the phone does provide a Local based Lock functionality. Activated by Long press of the # key unless Local Lock function is disabled by admin (System -> Security -> Access Control).

In this state the phone will only allow the acceptance of an Incoming call. This call can’t be transferred to any other station. Outgoing Calls are only possible to the configured Emergency numbers, so configuration of those in the phone settings is highly advised!

NTP Support of backup NTP Server
Plug and Play To further improve the Upgrade Scenario from SIP to HFA the phone will now also preserve the DHCP

usage setting and in case of manual assigned IPv4 address also Subnet mask and Default router settings. IPv6 is not supported in CP HFA.

System Phonebook

(OSBiz only)

To access the System phonebook without UC configuration it is mandatory that the subscriber does have authentication activated in the System and this password is configured in the gateway settings.

Please note in case an OCAB system is used the IP of the OCAB board needs to be configured in the Admin -> Local functions -> UC Server to access the System Phonebook. The user is not required to enter any UC credentials as the Gateway configuration settings are used for the System Phonebook queries. The phone will perform a Reverse Lookup of the Number provided from the system on Outgoing and Incoming Calls so configuring of canonical dial settings is mandatory. Any further information available in the system Phonebook will be stored for this contact as well. This reverse lookup is only performed if no result is returned from a configured LDAP server.

UC functionality

(OSBiz only)

If the User does have a UC license assigned in the System the phone can be used as a UC device. In default settings the same IP as the Gateway is used as the UC Server address, in case an OCAB system is used the IP of the OCAB board needs to be configured in the Admin -> Local functions -> UC Server

For UC functionality the User does have to enter his UC credentials in the User menu. If UC is configured the Out of office Key, the Top right key on the CP device, will provide access to the User to set his UC status information. Long press will directly toggle between Out of office and In Office.

WBM Paperlabel


The Web Based User menu does offer a download of a Microsoft Word XML document including the label texts, than can be printed. This is only supported with Chrome Browser.
Password Policy Several Security Policy settings for the User and Admin passwords can be set, for example required length and Expiry period.

V1 R1.9.0

Fixed Bugs

This section lists issues that have been resolved or closed for the OpenScape Desk Phone CP HFA V1R1 product.

ID Summary
None as this is the first version