OpenScape Business Feature Enhancements

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Within this article the feature enhancements of OpenScape Business since Version 1 are shown. Sorting is done by SW versions in decending order.

Version V2R0

System Functions

  • OpenScape Business S deployments for up to 1500 subscribers
  • OpenScape Business Cloud/Hosting projects with more than one node require a project specific release
  • SIP enhancements for stations and SIP carriers (ITSP)
  • DLI enhancements
  • UC Smart enhancements for OSBiz X and OSBiz S
  • myPortal to go enhancements
  • Enhanced functionality for the OpenDirectory Service (ODBC)
  • Connectivity to Circuit
  • Support of the new DECT base station BS5
  • Support of the OpenScape DeskPhone IP 35 Eco (HFA) Release is planned for September 2015
  • Scalability of the server resources for OpenScape Business S
  • Virtualisation on the basis of Microsoft Hyper V server 2012 R2 Release is planned for September 2015

Version V1R3.3

System Functions

  • Support of the Unify remote platform "RSP.servicelink"

RSP.servicelink is the new Unify remote platform for Certified Partners and is supported from OpenScape Business V1R3.3 on. OpenScape business systems can be connected without additional hardware / software. The SSDP V1 remote platform is still supported by the OpenScape Business V1R3.3.


  • HD memory requirements for OpenScape Business S is user dependent
    • up to 50 IP,- Mobility,- or Deskshare users: min. 60 GB HD space
    • from 51 up to 100 IP,- Mobility,- or Deskshare users: min. 100 GB HD space (For systems with multimedia contact center min. 200 GB. The disk space is required for voice mail, data, journal, etc.)
    • from 101 up to 500 IP,- Mobility,- or Deskshare users: min. 200 GB HD space


  • Support of a new protocol stack within OpenStage HFA and optiPoint HFA devices

Due to technological progress a new protocol stack has been implemented within optiPoint HFA devices, OpenStage HFA devices and OpenScape Personal Edition HFA.
OpenScape Business supports this new protocol stack from V1.R3.3 on.
OpenStage HFA devices with old protocol stack are updated automatically to the latest firmware, if the DLI functionality is enabled within OpenScape Business.
optiPoint HFA devices have to be updated manually to the firmware V5R7.1.0 or higher.
The same applies to OpenScape Personal edition, which has to be updated to V7R1.21.2 or higher.
Please note
If software / firmware version is not updated the HFA devices cannot be operated with OpenScape Busines V1R3.3

  • Support of OpenScape Desk Phone IP 35G Eco (SIP). The device offers:
    • 10 fixed function keys
      • Messages
      • Settings
      • Speaker
      • Headset
      • Vol+, Vol-
      • Mute
      • Transfer
      • Conference
      • Hold
    • 3 programmable keys (pre-programmed with:)
      • Release Call
      • Redial
      • Call List)

OpenScape Desk Phone IP 35G Eco is the successor of the OpenScape Desk Phone IP 35G.
More information about the OpenScape Desk Phone IP devices is available within the following links:
OpenScape Desk Phone IP 35G


  • New evaluation license for SIP Trunk

This evaluation license for SIP trunks allows connection to Internet Service Providers and evaluation of Internet Telephony. This license can also be used for evaluation of S2M/T1 trunks.

  • Flexible User Licensing for IP-, TDM-, Mobility-, Deskshare User

From V1R3.3 on IP User licenses can also be used for licensing of TDM-, Mobility-, Deskshare users.
Rules for the flexible user licensing are:
• The existing licensing structure and the max. values of User licenses in X1/X3/X5/X8 remains unchanged.
• The existing TDM- Deskshare or Mobility User licenses within the license file have to be used first for licensing of the appropriate users.
• After all available licenses are assigned to TDM- Deskshare or Mobility users, IP User licenses can be used to license additional TDM-, Deskshare- or Mobility user.

Prerequisite to use the new flexible licensing procedure are:
• OpenScape Business V1R3.3
• New generated and imported license file

Please note:
The updated license for the already purchased licensed can be retrieved from the Central License Server of Unify.


  • OpenScape Business Assistant (WBM) Enhancements
    • Advanced navigation options in the "User" dialogs
    • Restart option for the UC Booster Card

Version V1R3.2

UC Smart

  • GUI optimization for myPortal Smart
  • New language for UC Smart Voicemail TUI (Slovenian)


  • myPortal to go (Web Edition) for UC Smart and UC Suite in addition to the myPortal to go App for IOS and Android
  • VPN access to corporate LANs for remote workers with IOS V7 based mobile devices
  • SIP@Home – direct connectivity of SIP phones (STUN) for remote workers

System Functions

  • Voicemail to E-mail without UC Suite / UC Smart license
  • Connectivity of cordless base stations to UPoE ports of SLU8N/NR modules (DECT Light)
  • Increase of the number of MOH channels from 10 to 16 for OpenScape Business X models
  • New maximum values for T.38 fax-calls (depending on available DSP resources)
  • OpenScape Business Assistant enhancements
    • RESTART-button for a renewed ITSP registration
    • The name and call number is provided in the settings for TDM, IP, Mobility and Deskshare users in the license administration window under local user licenses
    • QOS settings according 1TR114
  • Flexible user licensing for TDM-, Mobility-, and Deskshare User by using IP user licenses.

Interfaces und API´s

  • Application Launcher enhancements (information for call direction)
  • Support of the CSTA XML protocol for certified applications


  • New Gateway License Packages for OpenScape Business X1 and X3/X5/X8

Version V1R3.1

UC Suite

  • Popups for UC suite in a new style for the following clients:
    • myPortal for Outlook (Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2013)
    • myPortal for Desktop
    • myAttendant
  • Increase of the number of configurable agents to 192

UC Smart

  • Display of "Open Calls" in the Journal of the UC Smart / myPortal to go clients
  • Key programming for the associated syste, telephone via the myPortal Smart Client
  • New languages for UC Smart Voicemail TUI (Croatian and Turkish)

SIP Features for Trunk Connections and Subscriber Lines

  • Support of the following feature codes @ SIP phones
    • Call Pickup (*57) (from V1R3.0, see chapter 1.4.4)
    • Reset services (# 0)
    • Rejoin Hunt Group / Leave Hunt Group (Stop Hunt) (* 85 / # 85)
    • Temporary Suppressing the display of the calling number (* 86 / # 86)
    • Speed dialing (* 7nnnn)
    • Door opener (*61)

System Functions

  • Integrated Power Management
  • Template settings via the UC Smart Assistant (WBM
  • Customizable DynDNS domain set up
  • Access to customer and administrator documentation (.pdf) in all languages

Interfaces und API´s

  • CSTA support for Message Waiting Indication MWI for SIP terminals
  • OpenScape Business TAPI 120 directly connected to motherboard

With the models X1/X3/X5/X8 up to 30 OpenScape Business TAPI 120 users can be connected directly via the mainboard.


  • Support of new CMA module S30807-Q6931-X1


  • Provision of OpenScape Business S software as OVA Image
  • Certification of OpenScape Accounting

Version V1R3

Version V1R3 introduces myPortal to go, a new UC app for smartphones, and offers enhanced UC features for the myPortal UC clients.
Besides advanced system features and simplified system administration, the new OpenScape Deskphone 35G/55G HFA devices are also supported.


  • Call Journal
    • Export of journal entries with confirmation
    • Journal entries even for calls not accepted by the users themselves
    • Calls to busy subscribers are recorded as "missed calls" in the journal of those subscribers
  • Drag&Drop Conferences
    • Deletion of conferences without email notifications
    • Expansion of two-party calls into conferences
  • Dial by Name
    • Dial by name using alphanumeric characters
    • Better overview in the internal directory
  • Voicemail Status Announcements in OpenScape Business Networks
    • Voicemail status announcements in OpenScape Business networks
  • Forwarding / Processing of Fax Information in pdf or tif Format
    • Forwarding / processing of fax information in pdf or tif format.
  • Sending an Info E-mail with Connection Data during an Ongoing Call
    • Sending an info e-mail with connection data during an ongoing call
  • E-mail Notifications for Missed Calls
    • E-mail notifications for missed calls
  • Hosted Web Collaboration
    • Functional integration of a hosted OpenScape Web Collaboration
  • Multimedia Contact Center
    • Additional new reports with information on redirected or answered calls of agents/queues as well as all calls that reached the Contact Center

UC Smart

  • Directories
    • Editing personal contacts
    • Importing external data into personal contacts
  • Favorites List
    • Call pickup from the Favorites list
  • Call Journal
    • Overview of forwarded, picked up and group calls; faster callback from within the journal with a double-click
  • Access Protection
    • User password for UC clients can be changed via myPortal Smart
  • Smart Voicemail
    • Changing the Smart voicemail box behavior via myPortal Smart
    • Increased number of channels for voicemail boxes
    • New: Name announcement with voicemail queries
  • Instant Messaging (IM / chat)
    • Storing current instant messages
  • New Color Scheme (Skin) for the User Interface
    • In addition to the familiar color schemes, a new color scheme (light gray) is now available for selection.
  • Control of voice calls for SIP phones via CTI (3PCC)


myPortal app for smartphones as download from AppStores

Android Store Apple Store
QR-Code QRcode android.png QRcode apple.png
  • Calls with Image on OpenStage 60/80 HFA
    • Signaling of incoming calls on OpenStage 60/80 HFA phones with image

SIP Features for Trunk Connections and Subscriber Lines

  • Handling of DID-capable ITSP Trunk Connections like ISDN
  • CLIP Support for ITSP Trunk Connections (like ISDN)
  • OpenScape Business Networks with ITSP Trunk Connection (instead of ISDN)
  • Call Pickup from Pickup Groups by SIP Stations
  • SIP Mobile Extension (SIP MEX)

System Functions

  • Temperature Monitoring of the Booster Card and the SLAD8/16 and SLAV8/16
  • Busy Signaling for Rejected Calls
  • Prevention of Call Overrides from myAttendant / Business Attendant
  • Accessibility of Hunt Groups and Call Groups


  • Model X3R/X5R/X8
    • Rebranded with new Unify logo
  • Model X3W/X5W
    • Rebranded with new Unify logo
    • Systems can be equipped with the Booster Card
  • Redesign of the Analog Subscriber Line Modules for the X3/X5 Models


  • Support of OpenScape Desk Phone IP 35/55G HFA


  • Enhanced Web Based Management
  • Support of new languages for the UC Smart GUI and Voicemail TUI
  • Business Attendant and BLF Extensions
    • Caller identification
    • Additional languages
  • Licensing
    • Upgrade License from TDM to IP User
    • Licensing of the Feature "Announcement and Simultaneous Signaling at the Phone" (for UC Smart)
  • Certification of Unify Platforms and Applications
    • OpenScape Voice V8, including support for DNS SRV
    • OpenScape Contact Center V8

Version V1R2

Second release step with UC Suite and UC Smart features.
The features of this version is the base of general feature descriptions within the sales information and datasheet of OpenScape Business.

Version V1R1

First release step with telephony features only