OpenScape Business Feature Enhancements

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Version V1R3

Version V1R3 introduces myPortal to go, a new UC app for smartphones, and offers enhanced UC features for the myPortal UC clients. Besides advanced system features and simplified system administration, the new OpenScape Deskphone 35G/55G HFA devices are also supported.


  • Call Journal
    • Export of journal entries with confirmation
    • Journal entries even for calls not accepted by the users themselves
    • Calls to busy subscribers are recorded as "missed calls" in the journal of those subscribers
  • Drag&Drop Conferences
    • Deletion of conferences without email notifications
    • Expansion of two-party calls into conferences
  • Dial by Name
    • Dial by name using alphanumeric characters
    • Better overview in the internal directory
  • Voicemail Status Announcements in OpenScape Business Networks
    • Voicemail status announcements in OpenScape Business networks
  • Forwarding / Processing of Fax Information in pdf or tif Format
    • Forwarding / processing of fax information in pdf or tif format.
  • Sending an Info E-mail with Connection Data during an Ongoing Call
    • Sending an info e-mail with connection data during an ongoing call
  • E-mail Notifications for Missed Calls
    • E-mail notifications for missed calls
  • Hosted Web Collaboration
    • Functional integration of a hosted OpenScape Web Collaboration
  • Multimedia Contact Center
    • Additional new reports with information on redirected or answered calls of agents/queues as well as all calls that reached the Contact Center

UC Smart

  • Directories
    • Editing personal contacts
    • Importing external data into personal contacts
  • Favorites List
    • Call pickup from the Favorites list
  • Call Journal
    • Overview of forwarded, picked up and group calls; faster callback from within the journal with a double-click
  • Access Protection
    • User password for UC clients can be changed via myPortal Smart
  • Smart Voicemail
    • Changing the Smart voicemail box behavior via myPortal Smart
    • Increased number of channels for voicemail boxes
    • New: Name announcement with voicemail queries
  • Instant Messaging (IM / chat)
    • Storing current instant messages
  • New Color Scheme (Skin) for the User Interface
    • In addition to the familiar color schemes, a new color scheme (light gray) is now available for selection.
  • Control of voice calls for SIP phones via CTI (3PCC)


myPortal app for smartphones as download from AppStores

Android Store Apple Store
QR-Code QRcode android.png QRcode apple.png
  • Calls with Image on OpenStage 60/80 HFA
    • Signaling of incoming calls on OpenStage 60/80 HFA phones with image

SIP Features for Trunk Connections and Subscriber Lines

  • Handling of DID-capable ITSP Trunk Connections like ISDN
  • CLIP Support for ITSP Trunk Connections (like ISDN)
  • OpenScape Business Networks with ITSP Trunk Connection (instead of ISDN)
  • Call Pickup from Pickup Groups by SIP Stations
  • SIP Mobile Extension (SIP MEX)

System Functions

  • Temperature Monitoring of the Booster Card and the SLAD8/16 and SLAV8/16
  • Busy Signaling for Rejected Calls
  • Prevention of Call Overrides from myAttendant / Business Attendant
  • Accessibility of Hunt Groups and Call Groups


  • Model X3R/X5R/X8
    • Rebranded with new Unify logo
  • Model X3W/X5W
    • Rebranded with new Unify logo
    • Systems can be equipped with the Booster Card
  • Redesign of the Analog Subscriber Line Modules for the X3/X5 Models


  • Support of OpenScape Desk Phone IP 35/55G HFA


  • Enhanced Web Based Management
  • Support of new languages for the UC Smart GUI and Voicemail TUI
  • Business Attendant and BLF Extensions
    • Caller identification
    • Additional languages
  • Licensing
    • Upgrade License from TDM to IP User
    • Licensing of the Feature "Announcement and Simultaneous Signaling at the Phone" (for UC Smart)
  • Certification of Unify Platforms and Applications
    • OpenScape Voice V8, including support for DNS SRV
    • OpenScape Contact Center V8