Moving of OpenStage WL3 Messaging Licenses

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The move of Messaging Licenses from a broken OpenStage WL3 handset to a spare OpenStage WL3 handset is done without the usage of the HiPath License Manager (HLM). This move can be done directly via the WSG or Win-PDM.

The following two use cases could be distinguished:

1.) Handset still accessible

In this case is the WiFi interface of the handset or when using the programmer adapter the interface to this adapter still accessible (e.g. handset display broken)

Please check: chapter 5.2. Replacement of Handsets

Important note: The WSG/PC where WinPDM runs needs Internet connection, because the Messaging license is moved on the central license server as well.

To move the WL3 messaging license via the WSG Server is at least the WSG Software Version V1R1.3.0 (4.3.2) required.

2.) Totally broken handsets

The customer has bought OpenStage WL3 handsets (S30122-X8008-X22) and the messaging licenses (F31505-K162-A1) and the licenses are already activated on the OpenStage WL3 handset. OpenStage WL3 handsets with activated messaging license are now totally broken.

The customer can now order the position F31505-E17-A1 via the UNIFY Spare Part Service and gets an OpenStage WL3 with messaging license in return.

The broken OpenStage WL3 should be sent back to the UNIFY Spare Part Service. They check whether there was really a messaging license on the OpenStage WL3 handset activated and a repair of the handset is possible. If so, only the repair price is charged, not the full price.

If a repair is not possible, the OpenStage WL3 with activated messaging license is garbage. The customer should order the OpenStage WL3 (S30122-X8008-X22) and the Message License (F31505-K162-A1) once again to get the required functionality.

Remark: How to check whether a OpenStage WL3 handset contains a messaging license

To check whether the OpenStage WL3 handsets contains a messaging license could be done via the WSG/WinPDM (item “Device type”) or directly on the handset.

To check directly on the handset, please look her: pdf.png  OpenStage WL3, WLAN Handset, Administrator Documentation, Issue 1 chapter: 9.1 -> Device Info