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* {{File-DL|IEEE 802.1X Configuration Management|pdf|en}}
* {{File-DL|IEEE 802.1X Configuration Management|pdf|en}}
* {{File-DL|IEEE 802.1X Konfigurations-Management|pdf|de}}
* {{File-DL|enterasys Configuring-User-Authentication|pdf|en}}
* {{wp|en|IEEE 802.1X}}
* {{wp|en|IEEE 802.1X}}
* {{wp|de|IEEE 802.1x}}
* {{wp|de|IEEE 802.1x}}

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IEEE 802.1x is a layer-2 protocol providing authentication of an entity, it is based on the MAC-address of the entity. This entity can be any IP entity as PC, IP phone, etc.

With 802.1x it is possible to regulate the access to the network. In such a way enterprises can inhibit that unknown entities get access to the network.

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