How to connect a SQL database to Open Directory Service (ODS)

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This How To describes the connection of a SQL database to OpenScape Office (OSO) by using the OpenDirectory Service (ODS). The How To is based on OSO version V3R2 deviations may occur, if higher versions are used.

All data shown here are examples only which are used to demonstrate the functions. In practical instalations they have to be replaced data of the installation environment.


Before you start, you have to check some prerequisites otherwise the connection fails.

HW Prerequisites

HW depends on used OpenScape Office plattform, no additional PC HW is required.

SW Prerequisites

OpenScape Office LX / MX / HX from V3R2 on

License Prerequisites

  • Open Directory base license
  • Open Directory connector license

Note: Check that you use the correct licensing line fpr ODS. In general two lines exist on the Central Licensing Server (CLS)

  • OpenScape Office LX/MX licensing
  • OpenScape Office HX licensing

ODS base and ODS connector are availabe in both lines.

Information about Database

Several information about the database, which has to be connected to Open Directory Service must be available as prerequisite for properly configuration. At least information about:

  • IP Adress
  • Database name
  • Login parameters
  • Database structure (tables attributes)

Depending on the database type and configuration several additional information may be required. It has to be ensured that an external server (ODS Server machine) is allowed to access the database.

To get such information it is highly recommended to involve the database administrator before starting the configuration. In some cases it could be necessary to create a specific user within the database server for access of Open Directory Service. This can only be done by the database adminstrator.

ODS Administration

Administration of ODS is done by the OpenScape Office Administration Portal. For access type the following URL into the Internet browser


After authentification Open Directory Service can be configured within the expert modus.

ODS Inst 1.png

ODS Assistant

A "left mouse click" opens the Open Directory Service assitant.

ODS Inst 2.png


Some general items for the Open Directory Service have to be configured here:

Activation of Open Directory Service

Per default Open Directory Service is deactivated. You can activate it by a tic within the checkbox. Afterwards you will get access to the configuration.

LDAP Server access data

Open Directory Service data can be accessed by OSO or third party LDAP capable clients. For authentication purpose the internal LDAP Server of Open Directory Service requires login name and a password.

In V3R2 the login is set fix to


It cannot be modified. The password should comprise 6 charactes at least.


Make shure that you remember the login data. You will need it later, when a LDAP client needs access to the LDAP Server of ODS. An anonymous LDAP login is not granted ODS.

Data Sources