HiPath Cordless IP - Server HW

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A dedicated Server is required to host the HiPath Cordless IP SW for larger configurations in regards to number of DECT IP base stations and number of Gigaset professional DECT phones. The features and requirements of HiPath Cordless IP (e.g. network requirements) are not changed even the HiPath Cordless IP SW runs on this dedicated Server.

The Server Operating System used with HiPath Cordless IP is the Linux derivate OpenWrt. The Operating System is already part of the SW delivery CD with HiPath Cordless IP SW. This Operating System is preconfigured for the usage with the below mentioned Server (e.g. all the required driver are compiled into the Operation System). Main advantage with this approach is the quick and easy installation process of the entire SW in the customer installations on the dedicated Server.

The following Server are provided and supported

Fujitsu Server RX 100 S7

Since beginning of February 2013 is this new Server released.

special order number of this Server at Fujitsu: CUZ:1385V203-SEN08

Fujitsu Server TX 150 S7

The Phase Out of this Server has been started by Fujitsu.

special order number of this Server at Fujitsu: CUZ:1265V101-SEN04
If you change the motherboard of this Server please consider the special BIOS configuration for this Server:


  > Advanced System Configuration
     SATA Mode Selection:         [AHCI]


   > Console Redirection
       Com Port Address:          [On-board COM A]
       Baud Rate:                 [115.2K]
       Console Type:              [VT100]
       Flow Control:              [None]
       Continue C.R. after POST:  [Off]


  Boot priority order:
      1:  SATA 1: WDC WD2502ABYS-50B7A0-(S1)
      2:  SATA CD: HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH40N-(S5)

This configuration is valid for BIOS version 1.16