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* [[optiPoint 410/420 S FAQ]] - [[optiPoint 410/420 S FAQ (de)]]
* [[optiPoint 410/420 S FAQ]] - [[optiPoint 410/420 S FAQ (de)]]
* [[optiPoint 150 S FAQ (de)]]
* [[optiPoint 150 S FAQ (de)]]
Dear Sir,
We have one Openstage 40G SIP phone,
Phone is hanged and restart itself
an webpage it is showing below error
An internal error occurred!
Please execute the following steps:
Disconnect the phone from the network and where appropriate from the power supply.
Reconnect the phone
If this page still appears after the reboot of the phone, contact the relevant service personnel first.
If the service personnel are unable to correct the problem, contact Customer Service.
ethod="getData" type="request">language]]> --> Set-Cookie: webm=0000|0000; path=/; 0
=== HFA Phones ===
=== HFA Phones ===

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