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This mapping table shows the relation between Release Notes and Wiki contents.

The table of contents based on SW Release Note for optiPoint 410/420 S V6.0.55. Please note that additionally the Release Notes' content has to be reviewed for public using.

Release Note TOC Usage in Wiki
Documentation Reference optiPoint 410/420 S > Documentation (PDF download links)
History of Change No usage (internal Wiki logging instead)
Product and Diagnostics Structure in ... No usage (maybe common trace hints in FAQ, How To or White Papers
Security Policy No usage
Hardware and Software Compatibility SIP V6.0 optiPoint compatibility
Release Version History optiPoint 410/420 S > Firmware
New Features with Version SIP V6 optiPoint 410/420 S general information to SIP V6.0 > New features
Changes (Implemented Change Requests only) optiPoint 410/420 S Release Notes > What's new? (linked from optiPoint 410/420 S)
Problems Fixed optiPoint 410/420 S Release Notes > Fixed problems (linked from optiPoint 410/420 S)
Outstanding Problems optiPoint 410/420 S Release Notes > Open issues (linked from optiPoint 410/420 S)
Update Installation How To > optiPoint 410/420 S upgrade to SIP V6.0 (with existing sub-sections)
Important Information Excerpt used in FAQ, How To or White Papers
Restrictions and Limitations Excerpt used in FAQ, How To or White Papers