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L30280-A622-B507 OSCC Enterprise V10 REST SDK
L30280-A622-B507 OSCC Enterprise V10 REST SDK
L30280-A622-B565 OSCC Enterprise V10 REST SDK 25 session bundle
L30280-A622-B565 OSCC Enterprise V10 REST SDK 25 session bundle

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OpenScape Contact Center SDK

The OpenScape Contact Center Software Development Kit (SDK) enables development of multimedia applications that integrate with the OpenScape Contact Center system. There are two modes to access the SDK • The earlier SDK with 32-bit COM control which can be used with any language that properly implements COM, including Visual Basic and Visual C++ • The newer REST SDK Framework that consists of a REST interface, which allows sending commands from the application to the OpenScape Contact Center and sending monitoring events from the OpenScape Contact Center to the application

OpenScapeContact Center SDKs overview.jpg

The COM based SDK includes five Managers. As shown in the above diagram, the Managers in the SDK abstract a server away from the user so that the user does not need to know which OpenScape Contact Center server is required for which function. The REST SDK framework consists of a REST interface, requires configuration of a REST SDK profile via the Web Manager and the installation of the OpenScape Contact Center Application Server.

The 32-bit COM based SDK is currently licensed by contract as part of the OpenScape Contact Center Partner program while the REST SDK has licensing control. The following license options are available.

L30280-A622-B507 OSCC Enterprise V10 REST SDK

L30280-A622-B565 OSCC Enterprise V10 REST SDK 25 session bundle

An integration user license is required for the custom client applications to connect to the OSCC system. Further information about licensing can be requested from Unify sales offices or from Unify channel partners.

OpenScape Contact Center Expert Discussion Forum

We encourage you to participate – according to your preferences - in the below Circuit Communities for a close exchange with Unify experts and peers. If you not yet registered follow the links below and sign up now!

TechConnect- OSCC Circuit Community

Partner Portal Login necessary:
Service Community - ServiceConnect
Presales Community - - TechConnect
Sales Community - Partner SalesConnect

Associated Documentation

The documentation details how to provision the Integration Connector SDK programmatically through the usage of the standard library calls.

Developer Services for the OSCC SDK

We provide integration training courses adjusted to your specific needs. Please contact us to discuss further details via or visit the website of our training academy via the following URL