DECT Handset accessory

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If you are a provider of accessories for the DECT Handset portfolio, you can use this platform to promote this.

You can find a range of accessories already below.

HACO-Enterprise GmbH

carrying cases, belt clips, special charger and special headsets

HACO Enterprise offers a huge selection of cases, belt clips, special charger and special headsets for the entire DECT handset portfolio, for more information please consider the current pdf-de.png  HACO Enterprise catalogue.

You can find more information about HACO-Enterprise here

Boehm Elektronik GmbH

multi charger, car holder etc.

Boehm Elektronik provides individual solutions for the DECT handset portfolio, one example are multi charger, for more information please consider these data sheets:
- multi charger for the DECT handset family pdf-en.png  data sheet Multicharger Boehm Eelektronik
- car holder pdf-en.png  Data sheet car holder and charger Boehm Elektronik

You can find more information about Boehm Elektronik GmbH here



QuickSync for fast and easy synchronization of the PC address book with the DECT Handsets. Plus, the ringer melodies and screen savers could be synchronized. Free download via the following page: QuickSync


DECT Side Survey tool

This equipment offers a professional tool set to do DECT side surveys, it is being used since a long time even in DECT challenging environment. The manufacturer of this tool set is TIS GmbH, see here:

This is the direct access to this tool set:
This is a DECT sniffer which could detect and measure DECT base stations