Configuring a Java/XML proxy

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In most companies you access the internet via a Web proxy. To display internet-based applications on your optiPoint application module like Java/XML applications the proper proxy configuration is required.

Check proxy configuration

To check the proper proxy configuration, just open your web browser and click:

  • Extras > Connections > LAN Settings if there is a proxy or proxy script configured.
  • Alternativly you can ask your IT adminstrator for the proxy settings used in the company.

Change phone configuration

To configure the proxy IP address on the phone, open your phone's WBM and click:

  • Administration > (Password) > Applications > Java Midlets.
  • Enter the appropriate HTTP gateway/proxy address, in some (very seldom) cases an additional login info.
WBM screenshot Java/XML proxy

To configure the proper proxy-port, please click:

  • Administration > (Password) > System > Port Settings.
  • Enter the appropriate port number for Java Gateway (normally: 80).
WBM screenshot Java/XML Port settings

This settings apply to Java and XML. The built-in XML-parser uses underlying Java technology.