Circuit Meeting Room

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Circuit Meeting Room is a device for providing audio and video conferencing experience in small conference rooms (“huddle rooms”).

Circuit Meeting Room is designed as a conferencing resource – based on Circuit Cloud Service and its personal clients (Web Client, iOS and Android) creating an easy to use but powerful meeting room video and collaboration solution.


Circuit Meeting Room is a small size computer (based on Fujitsu Esprimo Q956). It is pre-configured with Unify SW and it requires the Circuit Cloud Service for operation. The product can be setup very easily. For normal operation, no keyboard / mouse and no remote control are required.

Accessories / Peripherals

The Circuit Meeting Room provides USB connectivity for the speaker phone and web/video camera. Depending on the used products, USB 2.0 or USB3.0 shall be used.

A number of standard products available today have been tested (USB connectivity, detection by SW) and a listed below.

For the wall screen (monitor) any HD-video capable display can be used. Displays with HDMI can be connected via HDMI/DP adapter plug.

The products below are listed alphabetically - there is no preference in the list. Please check the supplier's information for more details on particular products.

More products will be added...

Supported Products

Audio - Speaker Phone

Web / Video Camera

Products under test


International (English)  English


Circuit Meeting Room comprises three SW components:

  • Linux Operating System customized for Circuit Meeting Room (pre-installed)
  • Web Browser (to be downloaded during initial installation)
  • Web Application (to be downloaded during initial installation)

The user is guided by an installation wizard (Internet access required)

Current software releases

The version of the Operating System / Device SW for Circuit Meeting Room

Version Release Release date Release note
V1 R0.3.1 05/12/2017 Circuit Meeting Room V1 R0.3.1
V1 R0.3.0 04/21/2017 Circuit Meeting Room V1 R0.3.0
V1 R0.1.0 02/06/2017 Circuit Meeting Room V1 R0.1.0
V1 R0.73.0 01/09/2017 Circuit Meeting Room V0 R0.73.0


Device EULA English

Device EULA German

Client EULA English

Client EULA German

All EULA documents will be presented in the installation wizard for confirmation in the initial installation process.