optiPoint SIP HW compatibility

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To operate optiPoint SIP phones with SIP V6.0 firmware, it is necessary that both the phone hardware, additional phone software and cooperative products are compatible.

Hardware support

Part number

Part number of an optiPoint

All phones ordered as SIP phones can be used for SIP V6.0 without restrictions. Phones originally ordered as CorNet IP (HFA), can be migrated to SIP, beginning with a specific hardware revision level (see table below).

The part number on the housing's bottom side shows the phone type originally ordered:

  • A for CorNet IP (HFA) phones, example: S30817-S7212-A107-1
  • L for SIP V4.1 phones, example: S30817-S7212-L107-1
  • M for SIP V5.0 or V6.0 phones, example: S30817-S7212-M107-1

Compatibility of originally CorNet IP phones

CorNet IP Phone Housing color Part number Compatible version
optiPoint 410 entry arctic S30817-S7201-A101-X X ≥ 9
mangan S30817-S7201-A107-X X ≥ 16
optiPoint 410 economy arctic S30817-S7202-A101-X X ≥ 9
mangan S30817-S7202-A107-X X ≥ 15
optiPoint 410 economy plus arctic S30817-S7212-A101-X X ≥ 5
mangan S30817-S7212-A107-X X ≥ 6
optiPoint 410 standard arctic S30817-S7203-A101-X X ≥ 9
mangan S30817-S7203-A107-X X ≥ 17
optiPoint 410 advance arctic S30817-S7204-A101-X X ≥ 9
mangan S30817-S7204-A107-X X ≥ 14
optiPoint 420 economy arctic S30817-S7209-A101-X X ≥ 1
mangan S30817-S7209-A107-X X ≥ 1
optiPoint 420 economy plus arctic S30817-S7210-A101-X X ≥ 3
mangan S30817-S7210-A107-X X ≥ 3
optiPoint 420 standard arctic S30817-S7211-A101-X X ≥ 3
mangan S30817-S7211-A107-X X ≥ 3
optiPoint 420 advance arctic S30817-S7207-A101-X X ≥ 8
mangan S30817-S7207-A107-X X ≥ 6

Software support

Software Version
Bootrom (Netboot) V2.01
optiPoint display module software DM01.07

Compliant products

Product Version
HiPath 2000 V1.0 SMR 6 or higher
HiPath 3000/5000 V5.0 SMR 11
V6.0 SMR 6 or higher
HiPath 4000 V3.0
HiPath 8000 V2.0 SMR 03 PS01E01
V2.1 SMR 02 PS01E03 or higher
Deployment Service V1.0 CV199.31 or higher

The Deployment Tool is not released for SIP V6.0 phones. Use Deployment Service instead.