optiPoint 410/420 V5.1 information

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Important information

General Info for all Version

  • G.722 is used with DMC between two optiPoint 410 IP Phones only. (Feature DMC must be activated)
  • A call via Gateway never uses G.722.
  • If “High Quality pref.” is entered, G.722 calls to other OP410 are possible, but only G.711 calls to other phones (OP600 and OP400). Because of this the users get a different impression of quality.
  • It is highly recommended to switch off VAD/ Silence suppression.
  • To upgrade via Netboot the key 3 have to be pressed while powering up the phone until the phone starts to load the image.
  • DTMF Tones not working when connected to HiPath 3000 V6.0. For this gateway problem a workaround is available by change of the configuration of the HG1500 via Explorer  Sprachgateway  Codec Parameter  Übertragung von DTMF Tönen nach RFC2833 to OFF.
  • Netboot Upgrade via Remote is only possible with V5R1.33.000 or later

since Version V5 R1.33.0 or later

  • IMPORTANT!! At the moment there is a Prio 1 Bug at the DLS in combination with the NEW Version string. At the Software Deployment in the DLS you can’t update more than one Phone at the same time.
  • IMPORTANT!! It is REQUIRED! to update to Version V5R1.34.000 for every version ≤ 5.1.32. If this is not done no upgrade will be possible anymore because of the Version string changes, Security Check in the phone software. Example: Update from 5.1.30 to V5R1.34.000 is possible Update from 5.1.30 to V5R1.35.000 is NOT possible Update from V5R1.34.000 to V5R1.35.000 is possible

since Version V5 R1.34.0 or later

  • Now the Software comprised the AGP functionality including XML Application Support. This functionality will be only released project specific for prototype of corresponding applications. The AGP Feature works only with a APM Module connected.