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Operating optiPoint 410/420 S phones require in some cases adapations in the supported platform.

Following platform versions are supported.

Version No. DLS HiPath 2000 HiPath 3000 HiPath 5000 HiPath 4000 HiPath 8000 Asterisk Broadsoft Sylantro hiQ 4200
V6 R0.55.0 V1.0 CV199.31 or higher V1.0 SMR 6 or higher V5.0 SMR 11
V6.0 SMR 6 or higher
V5.0 SMR 11
V6.0 SMR 6 or higher
V3.0 R6.x.x V2.0 SMR 03 PS01E01
V2.1 SMR 02 PS01E03 or higher
V5.x.x V3.0 R6.x.x - - -
V4.1.xx - - - - - - R xx R xx R xx