optiPoint 410/420 S general information to SIP V6.0

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The protocol version SIP V6.0 is the successor of SIP versions like SIP V5.0 and SIP V4.1.

New features

Differences between SIP V5.0.31 and SIP V6.0:

  • User mobility
  • Forced logoff
  • Security Step 1 Basic Password
  • User data download and upload using message fragmentation and chunking
  • Mobility User Migration
  • Configurable host name
  • Timer triggered User Profile update
  • SNMP trap for invalid Logoff
  • Laser keyboard
  • IEEE 802.1x
  • Default Profile
  • Mobility enabled with a data item instead of a Mobility Key

Scope of affected products

For compatibility see SIP V6.0 optiPoint compatibility.



Other products