optiPoint 410/420 S UDP Trace

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If problems in operating the optiPoint 410/420 S phones are encountered, showing a display message like "no server" or "Registering..." for a longer time, then these problems are likely to be related to the signalling with the SIP proxy or registrar. It is often helpful to capture the messages with a network hub and display these data with one of the well known tools (e.g. Wireshark) to examine the problem in more detail.

If no hub is available or a PC trace tool cannot be used for some reason, the build in SIP UDP trace of the optiPoint can be used as well.

To get this trace (steps 1. - 3. are no longer necessary after upgrading to an optiPoint 4x0 SIP version >= V7 R5.6.0, because the internal SIP UDP trace is activated as default since V7 R5.6.0):

  • 1. Log-in to the WBM as administrator to activate the trace
Select Fault Investigation
  • 2. Select the fault investigation menu
Select SIP UDP Trace
  • 3. Enable the SIP UDP Trace - set the check box and submit
Activate the trace
  • 4. After desired trace period, follow the link to the message log
SIP UDP Message log
  • 5. The message log can be deleted afterwards