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(Fixed bugs)
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== V5 R0.35.0 ==
== V5 R0.35.0 ==
=== What's new ===
=== What's new ===
No new features!
=== Fixed bugs ===
=== Fixed bugs ===

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The optiPoint 410 S / 420 S Release Notes describe descending sorted new features, fixed firmware bugs und open issues for appropriate firmware versions of the optiPoint 410/420 S family.

firmware versions / names

The firmware is named like Vu R.x.yy.z where

  • u denotes ???
  • x denotes ???
  • yy denotes ???
  • z denotes ???
This name scheme does not imply any naming requirements for the firmware file on a download server

V6 R0.55.0

General information see SIP V6.0 on optiPoint 410/420 S.

What’s New?

The following comment should be fixed | Show fixme list
Kurzbeschreibung was das feature macht (PM)

ID Cluster Summary
RQ00019980 IP Certification of additional 802.1x enabled switches (Nortel, Huawei, etc.)
RQ00019630 ? Vendor IP for SIP phones
RQ00019681 SIP/UI Change for DND button
RQ00019682 UI Ability to turn off speaker
RQ00018275 Misc Additional Countries for SIP
RQ00020962 UI Hungarian display texts
RQ00020653 SIP Hearing the ringer pitch on optiPoint 4xx S during selection
RQ00018329 UI Displaying names in redialing list
RQ00019325 UI Simplification of redialing by list

Fixed Bugs

ID cluster Summary
NA02292805 SIP DSS light hangs (no recovery of DSS state)
NA02209418 SIP Wrong announcement of XPR - No reason sent?
NA02252535 SIP Display problem with pickup group
NA02054536 SIP Problem with dual registration
NA02244977 SIP Problem with forward when show focus = on (DSM)
NA02239009 SIP Codec Negotiation Issue
NA02292243 Misc Not possible to deactivate key click
NA02292816 SIP From BYE to Group Pickup waiting time necessary

Known & Open Issues

ID Summary Workaround
NA02308847 Number displayed in a diff. way in the Call Log.  ???
NA02292250 Key click sounds only during a call.  ???
NA02287220 No correct ringer settings for key sets.  ???
NA02280235 Failed Forced Logon / Logoff.  ???
NA02272366 Always the last set ringtone in use (mob).  ???
NA02186066 Problems when changing DHCP to Man via DLS.  ???
NA02206755 Problems with Pickup Key pushed twice rapidly.  ???


The following comment should be fixed | Show fixme list
generell hier die neuen features der V6.0 auflisten; s. Release Note Kapitel 6

Features müssen der besseren Lesbarkeit in Gruppen geclustert werden:
IP: configurable host name
Security: Improved passowrd policy; 802.1x
SIP: mobility features
Miscelllanous: Laser keyboard

Tabelle: Feature + Kurzerklärung (Use case) max 10 Wörter
Gunnar.boll 17:34, 30 August 2006 (CEST) >> Talk:optiPoint 410/420 S Release Notes

V5 R0.35.0

What's new

No new features!

Fixed bugs

ID cluster Summary
NA02361711 IP One way and poor speech quality
NA02343864 IP No speech path after using conf disconnect

Known issues


What’s New?

Fixed Bugs

Known & Open Issues


What’s New?

Fixed Bugs

Known & Open Issues


What’s New?

Fixed Bugs

Known & Open Issues