optiPoint 410/420 Release Notes

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General information see V5.1 on optiPoint 410/420.

What’s New?

No new features!

Fixed Bugs

ID MR Summary
NA02044848 G70245 FA: Phone Reboot initiated via http contact
G54369 Starting Java Midlet after ENB start is impossible.
G56818 2 pty IP Phone HFA -long duration call- RTP Stops
G64294 802.1x: no indication of 802.1x re-authentication failure
G65716 op410 Entry - no indication of 802.1x status
G67158 EAP Respons contains no phone certificate
G67178 op410 SiemensTLS hangs if negotiation will not finished
G69248 op410 sends wrong user name in EAP Identity Response to IAS
G52307 802.1x: loss of speech during 802.1x re-authentication
G69070 CR 14332: No dialtone after SRSR to STBY if H235 aktivated
G64478 DLS10: Dialing properties, Ext. acc code: leading 0 cut
G31620 DLS10: negative timezone offset values from DLS not displ.
G57012 DLS10: neg. Timezone offset not applied by phone
NA01912039  ???  ???
NA01837680 (???) (???)
NA01807670 (???) (???)

Known & Open Issues

ID MR Summary Workaround
NA02123627 G73190 5.1.28 with APM V1.02 export chrash at work
NA01914496 G32375 WBM not available at work
NA02032712 G71308 V5.1.25: Time Settings at work
NA02034671 G71503 PCUserClient410.exe doesn't work at work
NA02054162 G19681 SEC: WBM blocked after nmap port scan at work
NA01295901 G37196 No systemmenue shown via cti at work
NA01951058 G61064 Op420adv+keymodule HFA V.5.1.11 at work