optiPoint 410/420 FAQ (general)

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Power over LAN

My oP410/420 phone only supports power class 0 (default). How to setup the corresponding PoE-switch to reserve lower power?

Some models of the first oP410/420 phones do not support power negotiation according IEEE 802.3 af. For details refer to PoE classes of optiPoint phones. To avoid that the Lan-switch reserves to much

for Cisco 3750, 3560, 2970 LAN switches

Can I run an optiPoint 410/420 with local and PoE power supply=

This is not recommended, although the phone will not break. Power class negotiation will not run properly, because the standard required a power-less state for the negotiation (no local power supply). Thus in this case the class will be set to 0 (default).

If the power negotiation is done first and then the local power supply is connected, the initial negotiated power class will not be changed.