optiPoint 150 S upload of SIP IT Service Provider configuration file

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  • Download the default-config-file of your preferred VoIP-supplier and unzip the file.
  • Open the web-based management tool of the optiPoint 150 S by entering the IP address of your telephone into your standard-browser using the following method:
http://###.###.###.### (# stands for the numbers of the IP address of your telephone)
  • Enter the user name for the administrator (default: admin) and the administrator password (default: 123456).
  • Click "Utlities" > "Backup Settings" to enter settings restore process.
WBM screenshoot Utilities > Backup Settings

  • Click "Browse" under "Restore to Previous Settings" and search for the default-config-file on your PC.
  • Confirm the destination of the default-config-file and click "Confirm" under "Restore to Previous Settings".
  • After verifying the config-file the web-based management tool asks you to restart the telephone. Click "Restart Main Application".
  • Sign in again to the web-based management tool and click "SIP Setup" > "SIP Settings".
  • Enter your SIP-ID under "Phone Number" and "SIP user ID".
  • Enter your SIP-Password under "New SIP password" and confirm the password under "Confirm SIP password".
  • Click "Save" to confirm the input.
  • By clicking on "Confirm" the telephone is restarting.

After restarting the telephone is registrating at your preferred VoIP-supplier and you can make your first call.