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Hardware Feature Overview
Phone family optiPoint
Display 2-line alphanumeric display (16 characters each)
Keys 8 function keys, 2 control keys, 3 dialog keys
Switch No
Ports/Interfaces A
Audio Codec G.711 a/μ-law, G.723.1A, G.729 AB
Wall-mountable Yes

The optiPoint 150 S is a SIP phone with an optimum price/performance ratio.

The optiPoint 150 S has been released in May 2006. For the enterprise area it is a device for starters but it is also perfect for home users connected to SIP providers (like for example sipgate or others) operating standard SIP platforms like Asterisk or other standard SIP platforms.

The phone supports a set of basic Call features like Call Transfer, Call Forwarding, Message Waiting Indication and others. The optiPoint 150 S offers among other things an inserted phone directory (100 entries), call list administration and is simple to administer via a Webbrowser.

For larger deployments there is a mechanism available for automatic distribution of configuration files in order to avoid to configure each phone on-site.


Phone documentation


Supported platforms

The optiPoint 150 S can be integrated into several SIP communication systems.

Platform Comment Configuration documents
HiPath 2000 (planned for November 2006) pdf.png  Name HP2k Admin manual
HiPath 3000/5000 (planned for November 2006) pdf.png  Name of HP3/5k admin manual
HiPath 4000 (planned for October 2006) pdf.png  Name of HP4k Admin manual
HiPath 8000 (released since May 2006) pdf.png  Feature Description Guide HP8k V2.1
Asterisk (comments in relationship with phone and platform) pdf.png  Asterisk config guide
Broadsoft (comments in relationship with phone and platform) pdf.png  Verweis auf Extranet NDA
Sylantro (comments in relationship with phone and platform) pdf.png  Verweis auf extranet NDA

For detailed interoperability information pls check Interoperability matrix optiPoint 150 S.

Beside this, connectivity to several SIP providers is supported. For configuration hints see the How To article Setup the optiPoint 150 S with several provider.

Call features

Features in a SIP environment can either be offered by the phone itself, i.e. locally or centrally (B2BUA) by a SIP application server.

The optiPoint 150 S supports a number of local SIP services. The access to central services (except for the mail box) via Feature Access Codes is not possible.

See also Call feature term comparison English/German.

Local Call SIP-Features

Other User relevant features

For details please have a look in the optiPoint 150 S documentation (e.g. datasheet).


Below you find information about current and obsolete firmware releases. Also you can download the firmware immediately to update your phone.

Current software releases

Version No. Release date Release notes Download
V1.28 08/11/2006 Release Note for V1.28 Description page of this IMG file  oP150S_v128
V1.27 08/11/2006 Release Note for V1.27 Description page of this IMG file  oP150S_v127
V1.26 08/11/2006 Release Note for V1.26 Description page of this IMG file  oP150S_v126
V1.25 28/07/2006 Release Note for V1.25 Description page of this IMG file  oP150S_V125
V1.24 07/21/2006 Release Note for V1.24 Description page of this IMG file  oP150S_v124
V1.23 07/14/2006 Release Note for V1.23 Description page of this IMG file  oP150S_v123
V1.22 05/10/2006 - Description page of this IMG file  oP150S_v122

To get an overview of all release notes for the optiPoint 150 S see the history of all Release Notes.


The optiPoint 150 S can be administered in different ways. :

1. Locally on the phone display
2. By web-browser --> web based management
3. Parameter- und SW distribution automated via TFTP-Server

Especially in bigger roll-out Scenarios options 1 and 2 are not adequate.

Mass deployment for the various optiPoint phones is described in the How To Dokument:

For further information on how to do mass deployment for the optiPoint 150 S phones please click here: Mass deployment.

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