optiClient 130 S (obsolete)

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optiClient 130 S V4 is a PC client for voice and video communication based on the SIP protocol. optiClient 130 S adds a powerful softclient solution to the Siemens portfolio of SIP-based optiPoint phones, for all HiPath systems.

optiClient 130 S is compatible with (IETF) standards for SIP.

The product is ideal for operation in conjunction with Siemens HiPath systems and supports their advanced features (line keys, for example) HiPath 2000 V1.0 HiPath 3000 V6.0 HiPath 5000 V6.0 HiPath 8000 version 2.x

Releases are not currently planned for other platforms.

Telephone software distribution and configuration is performed with the DLS (Deployment Service) tool. DLS supports plug&play operation.

Note: Due to lack of support on the switches, only the following features have been released for HiPath 2000 / 3000 / 5000 systems: Accept incoming call, Make outgoing call, Consultation

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