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== See also ==
== See also ==
* [[HiPath OpenOffice ME OpenScape Office|OpenScape Office on HiPath OpenOffice ME]]
* [[HiPath OpenOffice ME OpenScape Office|OpenScape Office with HiPath OpenOffice ME]]
* [[HiPath 3000 OpenScape Office|OpenScape Office on HiPath 3000 V8]]
* [[HiPath 3000 OpenScape Office|OpenScape Office with HiPath 3000 V8]]

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Screenshot vom myPortal for Outlook

myPortal for Outlook is the user portal integrated in Microsoft Outlook for accessing the unified communication functions of HiPath OpenOffice ME an HiPath 3000 V8. It is analogous to myPortal.

myPortal for Outlook provides the following features in addition to those of myPortal:

  • Desktop dialer (see below).
  • Automatic sending of invitation e-mails for scheduled and permanent conferences.

Desktop Dialer

The Desktop Dialer enables subscribers to select a call number and set up a call from within a desktop application (i.e., a standard Microsoft Windows application). The Desktop Dialer only works when myPortal for Outlook is installed.

The subscriber can select a call number with "Ctrl" and the "right mouse button". The selected call number is then highlighted. On releasing the mouse button, dialing begins. A pop-up window appears at the bottom right of your desktop and can be used to cancel dialing within five seconds if you do not want to set up the call. The following special characters are permitted in the station number:
+ ( ) / - : ; .

If the subscriber selects a name, a window with Search options is opened. The name can be extended with the first name, for example. All available directories are searched. The search is then started from this window. Standard desktop applications are, for instance, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and E-mail and usually support the Desktop Dialer. External (16-bit) applications may be subject to restrictions in functionality.

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