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myAgent is a .NET based client for accessing the Contact Center functions of OpenScape Business or OpenScape Office from a Desktop PC.

myAgent offers the same look and feel and handling for agents as well as for supervisors or administrators.

The SW is part of OpenScape Business / Office SW and is bound to the SW version of the communication platform.

The following description refers to OpenScape Business V1R2 and OpenScape Office V3R3.5.
Deviations within the feature set may occur for previous or subsequent versions of OpenScape Business/Office

myAgent screenshot



myAgent is the user portal for contact center agents, supervisors and contact center administrators.
It provides information about the number of waiting calls as well as information about the presence status of other subscribers and allows supervisors to configure routing rules etc.

myAgent screenshot

myAgent provides in general:

  • Call processing
  • Caller details
  • Agent callback
  • Agent status
  • Presence status
  • Real-time monitoring of queues
  • Assistance
As an agent you can request assistance from the supervisor during a call. When doing so, you can specify the reason and the type of assistance you require: Instant messaging, Silent Monitoring or Override.
  • Instant Messaging
Instant Messaging enables you to exchange instant messages (i.e., to chat) with other internal subscribers. Instant Messaging is possible in combination with myPortal, myPortal for Outlook, myAgent or myAttendant.
  • Directories
  • Voice and Fax messages
  • Reports
  • Contact Center administration access

Differences to previous versions (OpenScape Office only)

From OpenScape Office V3R3 on myAgent offers:

Feature Details

Improved PopUp Window

  • Small Pop Up with individual configuration of needed functions
  • Individual positioning on the desktop
  • Individual configurable behaviour in case of incoming calls
  • Indiviual settings if input is focused to PopUp or not

Caller List with improved functions

  • Improved search function (e.g. search for name, forename, company etc.)
  • Improved sorting function (e.g. sort on contact)
  • Filtering functions for calls, e-mails and faxes

Extended directory support

  • LDAP access to external directories for caller identification
  • LDAP access to external directories for contact search

Enhanced CTI functions

  • Call answer and dial function comparable to myPortal client
  • Call Pickup from other agent
  • Call transfer to internal or external number
  • Call hold and call transfer after hold
  • Call park / unpark. After parking agent´s phone is available for other calls

Improved handling for e-mails and faxes

  • Completion assignment for e-mails and fax contacts.
  • Rescheduling of e-mails and fax contakte
  • Display of e-Mail- und fax contacts in history list

Extended Hot Key functions

  • Selectable function of myAgent can be assigned to shot cuts or function keys.

Extended functions for Supervior role

  • Switch agent "available" depending on agent status
  • Switch agent "unavailable" independend on agent atatus
  • Logoff agent independend on agent status
  • Push a waiting call on top of queue
  • Send a recording as WAV file attachment via e-mail
  • Store a recording as WAV file either on PC or on a storage location in the network
  • Individual settings for queues to be diplayed

Configuration Overview

myAgent is a .NET based client SW, which is installed on a Microsoft Windows based Desktop PC. myAgent connects to OpenScape office via Ethernet LAN with TCP/IP protocol.


Telecommunication systems


Supported Telephones

myAgent can be used in combination with the following telephones:

  • OpenStage HFA (not for OpenScape Office MX/LX)
  • OpenStage T (not for OpenScape Office MX/LX)
  • optiPoint 410 HFA
  • optiPoint 420 HFA
  • optiPoint 500 (not for OpenScape Office MX/LX)
  • OpenScape Personal Edition HFA
  • OpenScape Buisiness (HiPath) Cordlesse (not for OpenScape Office MX/LX)

Please note:
SIP phones, mobility and virtual subscribers as well as group or MULAP subscribers are not supported in combination with the contact center function.

PC Hardware

Within the following the minimum HW requirements are shown. However, it should be noted that the operating system, groupware and any additional software components in use in the customer environment may require considerably more powerful hardware.

Client PC

Windows Client PC

  • 2 GHz CPU
  • 1 GB RAM for Microsoft Windows XP
  • 2 GB RAM for Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows Vista
  • 100 Mbps LAN (1 Gbps LAN recommended)
  • XGA (1024x768) screen resolution

PC software

Please note
Support for the UC Suite clients for Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows 2003 Server will end at the same time as the end of support for these products by Microsoft. The product will still be supported, but will no longer be tested in detail.

Desktop Operating Systems

Windows Client PCs

  • Microsoft Windows 8 (not RT)
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows XP

Terminal Server Operating Systems

A project specific release is required for operation of myAgent within Terminal Server environments.

Application Software

  • Microsoft .NET Framework >= 4.0
  • Adobe Reader 9

Internet Browser

myAgent can be used in combination with the following web browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 10
  • Mozilla Firefox Version 19 or later


In general a license is required for every user of myAgent.

Functional Boundaries and Limitations

SW Installation

Local administration rights on the client PC are required for the installation, but not for automatic updates

Windows Update

The PCs always need the current status of all available updates, including Service Packs.

Concurrent Usage of myAgent and myPortal

When myPortal and myAgent are used concurrently under the same user account, there may be some restrictions in their functionality.


User manual

The user manual can be downloaded from:

Software Deployment

myAgent is part of OpenScape Business / Office SW image.
The system administrator can download the installation files from the Download Center of the communication system and can provide them to the users afterward by appropriate means.


License models of OpenScape Business and OpenScape Office are different regarding the Contact Center functions.
In general a license is required for every user of myAgent.

Licensing of OpenScape Business:
For use of myAgent and the Contact Center functions in general a myAgent license is required per configured agent.
Agent licenses are static and have to be assigned to an agent during the configuration of the contact center.

For OpenScape Office the following applies:
A Contact Center Base License is required to enable the Contact Center functions in general.

For each agent in operation a myAgent license is required. The licenses for agents are "floating" licenses and not permanently bound to the agents. Any number of subscribers can be set up as agents, but the maximum number of agents who can log in simultaneously is restricted to the number of available licenses. A license is assigned to a user when the user logs in into the myAgent client application. The license is released at the moment the user quits (terminates) the myAgent application.