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{{up}} [[OpenScape Office with HiPath 3000]] | {{de}} [[myAgent (de)|myAgent]]
[[Image:OSOff-Agent-Screen.jpg|thumb|350px|myAgent screenshot]]
[[Image:OSOff-Agent-Screen.jpg|thumb|350px|myAgent screenshot]]
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* Voice and Fax messages
* Voice and Fax messages
* Reports
* Reports
== See also ==
* [[OpenScape Office with HiPath 3000]] V8

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myAgent screenshot

myAgent is the user portal for contact center agents, supervisors and contact center administrators. It provides information about the number of waiting calls as well as information about the Presence status of other subscribers.

myAgent provides the following features:

  • Call processing
  • Caller details
  • Agent callback
  • Agent status
  • Presence status
  • Real-time monitoring of queues
  • Assistance
As an agent you can request assistance from the supervisor during a call. When doing so, you can specify the reason and the type of assistance you require: Instant messaging, Silent Monitoring or Override.
  • Instant Messaging
Instant Messaging enables you to exchange instant messages (i.e., to chat) with other internal subscribers. Instant Messaging is possible in combination with myPortal, myPortal for Outlook, myAgent or myAttendant.
  • Directories
  • Voice and Fax messages
  • Reports