XML Applications on optiPoint application module

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Applications Integrating Back-End Systems

  • Outlook Integration

It allows the user to access his outlook application from the IP Phone and eliminates the need of PC. He can send/Receive emails, view/update calendar, set tasks with priorities, add/call contacts, view contact details, search corporate directory etc.

It is communications aid which allows the user to set his status/view status of colleagues, set notification, handle more than one call at time, make conference call and view persons location.

  • Genesys Integration

It provides the ACD Agent telephones with features like agent sign on/sign off, agent available/unavailable, end of call work code, auxiliary work codes like lunch, training, breaks, and project codes.

Applications Accessing Various databases

  • Meeting Room Assistant

It facilitates remote booking/monitoring of the various meeting rooms available within a building, to view facilities available within each room and its status by interfacing with the main building database.

  • School Assist

It provides an interface to school’s central database thus enabling teachers to login and check their timetable, read messages and take attendance of class, which in turn is updated on the central database of school.

  • Holiday Planner

The application interfaces to a company database, allowing employees to make requests for holiday/flexi-leave and supervisors to authorize these requests. Also displays graphical representation of a particular team’s future holiday bookings.

Applications Accessing Web Services

  • Weather Reporter

The application enables the user to view One day or Five days weather forecast of a particular location on the IP Phone. Even allows the user to set a particular place as hometown.

  • Traffic Info

The application obtains and displays up-to-date traffic information from web based traffic services on the users IP Phone. It allows the user to filter the traffic news, by area or road, to search for traffic for a particular location, alert the user to incidents or delays in a particular area.

  • Map Finder

The application connects to a web-based mapping service and allows the user to find the map and directions of venues by entering the postcode or name of particular location, zoom into the map, connect to the office printer to print a particular map.

Miscellaneous Applications

  • Webcam Viewer

It is like a CCTV which displays images captured by webcams on different servers. The user can create slideshows, multiple views and set the times of display.

  • Easy Dialer

It replaces the keys on the phone with a touch sensitive panel underlayed with a graphic layout depicting images relating to number that could be dialed. The user can select the layout of image buttons to be displayed on phone screen.

  • Environmental Monitor

The application will enable the user to read the data from the sensors connected to IP Phone like temperature, light, humidity etc. The data obtained from the environmental monitor could be sent to central server which could then control the environment of building or certain part of building accordingly.

  • Broadcast Notification

The server application has a register of all connected IP Phones (i.e. DLS interface or corporate directory server) and Web Page is provided to enter information to be broadcast.

  • Instant Messenger

This application combines the list of contacts with the ability to send messages within the network. In contrast to e-mails or phone, the users know whether the peer is available.