What can happen to my contents?

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Changes by other Users

Article texts are not static. In the same way that you are allowed to make improvements in the articles of other users, other users may also edit your articles. Call up your own article from time to time. Then click in the topline navigation on history. A list of all stored versions of your article then appears. You can see precisely from this which other users have made which changes. You can also add your own articles to your watchlist. To do this, click watch in the topline navigation. You will be informed automatically about changes to your watchlist.

Discussions on the Article Discussion Page

Contents of articles can provide impetus for discussion. Appropriate discussions are held on the discussion page. There is a discussion page for every page in the Wiki, which can be accessed via the discussion link in the topline navigation.

Discussions of article contents frequently lead to changes in the articles themselves or to the conclusion that one or more other related articles are required. It therefore makes sense if you contribute actively to discussions on your articles. This gives you the earliest possible opportunity to influence the further development of the article and its environment.

Moving or Deleting

Despite the collaborative atmosphere, we strive in this Wiki to ensure uniformity of content. If the title of an article does not fit in with the titles of similar or comparable articles, an administrator may "move" the article in question. This means that the administrator changes the title of the article. Automatic forwarding is then set up from the previous article title to the version with the new title. This ensures that internal links that lead to articles that have moved still reach their destination.

We will delete articles that either do not belong at all to the topic area being dealt with or whose contents we can't tolerate with no prior announcement. After all, we expect that every user will first of all know their way around Wiki as well as the topic area being dealt with and that they will have read these help pages.

Additional Information

You will find additional information and notes in the official MediaWiki manual on the following pages: