Video Telephony for OpenStage SIP 60/80

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Video Telephony for OpenStage 60/80 and OpenScape Desk Phone IP 55G - With video call feature it is possible to make video calls with OpenStage 60/80 SIP and OpenScape Desk Phone 55G devices. For this feature H.263 Codec is supported with resolution QCIF=176×144. Basic call features such as hold, retrieve, mute, un-mute, consult work within video call feature. Note: In the first step, there are only video calls from OpenStage to OpenStage phones supported.

The video funcionality is described in the User- and Adminmanual for OpenStage SIP V3 R1.

Administration and Configuration

The video function on OpenStage is deactivated per default. To activate video the administrator and the user must configure the phone. The user settings for video are visible only if video is activated by the administrator.

Administrator Setting

The administrator setting can be found at

Admin -> System -> Features -> Feature access -> Call associated:

The configuration parameter Video calls must be set to enabled.

User Setting

The user settings (*) for video can be found at

User -> Configuration -> Video Call


in the context menu of the phone.

(*) The administrator has to enable video to make the user settings visible.

Recommended USB Cameras

Following list of USB cameras were used during our tests and are working properly with OpenStage

Further candidates

Theoretically the compatible devices from following list should work, but we can not guarantee this:

Please feel free to update the WIKI if you have tested successfully an other USB camera with OpenStage.