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Name : Shalvee Patel

Company : Unify

Position : Industrial Placement Student

Email Address :

I am currently working with IPPhone Applications Integration team in Nottingham,U.K. I am involved in developing AGP applications for IPPhone i.e. Optipoint and Openstage phones.


My name is Ahmad Raza. Trying to reach you since many days. But your mail server rejected my email cus of unknow sender. I need your help.

Working on XML applications. try to Run Webcam Viewer on my local Apache server. But I am unable to get WebCam Capture Servlet. Can you please Help me. In the installation guide there are 3 links in file to test servlets. (http://localhost:8080/WebcamViewer/WebcamViewer?phonenumber=123&ipaddress=567) Working Fine as in installation Guide.

(http://localhost:8080/WebCam/WebCam?height=80&width=80) Problem on this page. Webcam Capture servlet is not building. There is no WebCam Folder in Tomcat Appache Webapps folder. Error ( The internet site reports that the item you requested could not be found. (HTTP/1.0 404). I think the problem is with JMF ?

(http://localhost:8080/WebcamWebportal/WebcamWebportal) Working Fine as in installation Guide.

Please Help me thanks All other applications like RSSFeed, Quiz Master are working fine with Apache 5.5 and JDK/JRE 1.6, JMF2.1

Thanks & Regards,