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The application enables the user to access up to date traffic news from their IP phone. It also alerts the user to incidents that may cause them to be delayed, giving the user a chance to change their route or find an alternative mode of travel.


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Operational Overview :

Key Features

  • Accesing any TPEG source

Application can be easily configured to access TPEG XML source.

  • View Traffic Details

Several items of information can be viewed of a traffic events such as location, severity, traffic condition etc.

  • Search Traffic

It is possible to serach traffic by roadname, townname, countyname etc.

  • Filter Traffic

Users can create filters to enable them to view at a glance traffic relevant to them.

  • Create Alerts For certain Traffic Situations

user can create alerts that will alert the user of any traffic situation that has occured enabling them to take necessary measures.