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stop hand.svg This template is already used in some articles. Please be careful if you want to make changes.

To use this template just copy the following source text in an article.
All parameters except dir are optional.

{{OpenStage Open Source Software
| dir     = The name of the file name base (= directory name on ftp) without blanks.
| desc    = A description text. Word-wraps and blank lines are allowed.
| origsrc = External link to the software source and/or some optional text.
| liccond = External link to the license text and/or some optional text.
| version = Software version number.
| modorig = Text that describes differences between modified and original software.
| success = If this is an obsolete version of the file, place here the file name of the successor.
  • As FTP file name the page name will be used. Blanks in page names will be substituted by underscores in file names.
  • The file has to be uploaded manually on