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| Yes for wall mounting support.
| Yes for wall mounting support.

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The template FeatureBox Phone can be used in common phone articles to show the most wanted phone features at a glance.

Key Features at a Glance
Phone family [[{{{FAMILY}}}]]
Display {{{DISPLAY}}}
Keys {{{KEYS}}}
Switch {{{SWITCH}}}
Power over LAN {{{POL}}}
Ports {{{PORTS}}}
Codecs {{{CODECS}}}
Wall-mountable {{{WALL}}}

In order to insert the FeatureBox Phone in an article, you have to copy the following source text at the top of the article:

{{FeatureBox Phone
|KEYS = 
|POL = 
|WALL = 

Description of the parameters

Parameter Description
IMAGE The name of the phone image (file extension inclusive). Example: phone.png.
FAMILY The name of the phone family. The template will generate a link to the related article automatically.
DISPLAY Characteristics of the phone display (if applicable).
KEYS Number and type of the pone keys.
SWITCH Number an technical characteristic of the built-in mini-switch (if applicable).
POL Yes for Power over LAN support.
PORTS Name and function of several phone ports.
CODECS Audio compression protocol which can be used.
WALL Yes for wall mounting support.