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'''Hello to all Wiki contributors'''!
''New'' year and ''new'' ideas to discuss.<br/>
Looking at Interoperability Matrix wiki pages yet available I started to ask myself just few questions and I want to share them to you all.<br/>
'''What's up''':
Since both IP workpoints and communication systems benefit of new software development (now known as Major and Minor releases) and this happens frequently and on regular basis, it's also more and more necessary to have detailed informations about their interoperability.<br/>
The idea of specific Interoperability Matrix pages on the Wiki is great and shall became more and more important to easily keep track of:<br/>
* '''What''' device can be operated with which communication system (''and vice versa'').<br/>
* '''What''' device's software level must be (''or should be'') used with a specific communication system's software level (''and vice versa'').<br/>
'''Actually these interoperability matrix reports informations like''':
* '''Which''' device Major / Minor software release level is supported on specific communication system Major / Minor software release levels.<br/>
'''Now my thoughts''':
In a near future we could consider to further ''enhance'' these matrix tables (''with references or additional links as necessary'') with:<br/>
* Informations about ''which suggested'' (because ''tested'') software levels should be used with specific Communication system software releases.<br/>
* Informations about product's features when those are ''software related'' (either from the device perspective or system perspective).<br/>
since Communication Systems and Devices service release notes always reports which Major / Minor software releases devices (or applications) have been tested with and what limitations eventually still there are.<br/>
'''Just to go deep, a funny example looking at Interoperability Matrix between optiPoint 410 V5.0 (CorNet IP) and HiPath 3000 V6.0''':<br/>
* optiPoint 410 V5 R1.35.0 is stated to be supported since HiPath 3000 V6.0 SMR 5 Binder 373 (so SMR 5 or newer).<br/>
* optiPoint 410 V5 R1.34.0 is stated to be already supported since HiPath 3000 V6.0 SMR 5 Binder 373.<br/>
* HiPath 3000 V6.0 SMR 5 Binder 373 is definitively not the latest software available for this platform since many bugs were corrected in the while, it was released on 06/01/2006.<br/>
* HiPath 3000 V6.0 R8.0.2 is actually the latest release available (let you look it like it's an SMR 8 2nd CV release).<br/>
* As reported on old HiPath 3000 V6.0 SMR 5 Binder 373 release note, was suggested the usage of optiPoint 410 V5 R1.23.0 (at least) released on 22/12/2005, no mention about any optiPoint 410 V5 R1.35.0 because, at that time, it was not released (It was then released just one year after, exactly on 15/11/2006).<br/>
* Well, reading old optiPoint 410 V5 R1.23.0 Software Release Notes, HiPath 3000 V6.0 is NOT mentioned at all as a compatible platform, ''check it'' (only the HiPath 3000 V5.0 SMR 3 Binder 580 was mentioned as valid communication system for interoperability).<br/>
* Staying to present days leaving out the reported on HiPath 3000 V6.0 R8.0.2 Service Release notes, is suggested the usage of optiPoint 410 V5 R1.35.0 software level (as been successfully tested with).<br/>
* Watching optiPoint 410 V5 R1.35.0 on the interoperability matrix nowhere is reported which communication system software level the service engineer should securely use and, by the way, there was also a ''disruption'' on the directions given (''see above'').<br/>
* So, somewhere should be nice to see what is the suggested optiPoint software version to use against the latest software version of the communication system considered (it's like a cross-linking information).<br/>
'''What do you think about ?'''<br/>
Then after extending these concepts to available Interoperability Matrix, why not add them also to:
* HiPath DLS V1.0
* Other existing HiPath applications like:
** HiPath TAPI 120 V2.0
** HiPath TAPI 170 V2.0
** HiPath OpenStage Manager.
Kind regards [[User:Davide.poletto|Davide.poletto]]<br/>
--Kimera 15:09, 3 January 2007 (CET)

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