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Jan 22nd 2015:

Can a link be created for the OpenScape Enterprise Express under "Small and Medium Businesses" and under "Unified Communications"? This will allow the OSEE team to then create a wiki page for the produce.

Dec 16th 2011:

Hi ,

i am working on openstage 60 , i want to implement a Push Mode operation in my Ip phone, My phone is registered with the Ip and my server ip is,i did so many xml application for agent use in ip phones.i dont know how to implement the push developer_guide_xml_application document under push mode they have mentioned like this

" The basic operation of the push capability can be described as follows: A program running on server calls a special URL of the phone, which is based on the phone’s IP address. Through his, a specific XML application on the phone is triggered to load an XML document from a URL given in the push request. If the specific XML application is not already running on the phone, it may be started automatically."

i have deployed xml application in my server under tomcat,the application name is OpenStage and the xml inside the project is FormItem.xml.

what i want is what request i should give (specialurl to call phone ip) from the server to the phone,so that it will load the formitem.xml from server to phone

my phone ip is so i have to send request from server like this ?

can anyone suggest how to achieve this