Sipgate (VoIP Provider)

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This article provides basic information on sipgate services that are applied together with Unify Systems and Clients & Devices.

Supported Features

The charts given below provide an overview on important features concerning both - sipgate services and Siemens HiPath systems/Clients & Devices.

HiPath systems

HiPath BizIP

Country Germany UK Austria
Configuration wizard Profile available Profile available -
SIP DDI Account - - -
SIP Client Account tick.png tick.png tick.png
CLIP tick.png tick.png tick.png
CLIR tick.png tick.png tick.png
COLP [1] [1] [1]
COLR [1] [1] [1]
Clip no Screening tick.png - -
DTMF (out-of-band) conform to RFC 2833 tick.png tick.png tick.png
DTMF (in-band) towards PSTN tick.png tick.png tick.png
Codecs (G.711a, G.711u, G.723, G.729) tick.png, tick.png, [2], tick.png tick.png, tick.png, [2], tick.png tick.png, tick.png, [2], tick.png
T.38 Fax - - -
Music on Hold tick.png tick.png tick.png
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 HiPath system RFC 3325 conform, but currently not supported by sipgate.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Not yet tested.

Clients & Devices

optiPoint 150 S

Country Germany UK Austria
Simple Call tick.png tick.png tick.png
Call Waiting tick.png tick.png tick.png
Call Transfer - - -
3 Way Conference tick.png tick.png tick.png
Call Forwarding Unconditional - - -
Call Forwardingon Busy - - -
Call Forwarding No Reply - - -
Alternate tick.png tick.png tick.png
DTMF tick.png tick.png tick.png

sipgate specific

sipgate enables customers to initiate phone calls via click2dial by using the "call"-button right next to the relevant entry of the phonebook or call list on the sipgate website. In addition, sipgate has launched a Mozilla Firefox-Extension 'sipgateFFX', which makes telephone numbers on any website directly dialable by clicking on the telephone symbol next to the number. For more information on 'sipgateFFX' see: sipgateFFX and customers are able to reload their account via telephone by dialing the service number 20000. In order to use this feature, local prefix must be deactivated in both settings (sipgate and HiPath BizIP).

Product Click2Dial sipgate Website Click2Dial sipgateFFX Account reloading via telephone
HiPath BizIP - tick.png tick.png
optiPoint 150 S tick.png tick.png tick.png


Access to emergency services

Germany 110 and 112
UK -
Austria 112, 120, 122, 123, 128, 133, 141, 144

Access to service numbers

Germany 01801, 01802, 01803, 01804, 01805, 01888, 0700
UK 0845, 0870
Austria 0810, 0820

sipgate Weblinks and Documents

sipgate VoIP-Shop

sipgate Configuration Guides

sipgate Tariffs

sipgate Information Material

Company Overview

Under the brand name sipgate the Düsseldorf company indigo networks GmbH has been offering network-independent Voice over IP services for private customers since January 2004, providing its services in Germany, UK and Austria.

sipgate furnishes every customer with a free of charge telephone number, either a local or a location-independent call number, according to the user's residence. Calls can be received and made worlwide from and to any telephone network (VoIP-, fixed line and mobile networks). The basic account version does not include any basic costs, setup costs or minimum balance.

sipgate network internal calls are for free, peerings with altogether eight national and international IP partner networks allow sipgate customers to talk free of charge to more than one million VoIP users around the world.

Furthermore, sipgate provides its customers with the ability to send short text messages through the website. acounts are also equipped with a webfax-feature.

The use of internet telephony with sipgate requires a broadband internet connection and a softphone, SIP telephone or an analogue telephone adapter (ATA) which turns every conventional analogue telephone into an internet telephone.

At the beginning of this year, sipgate has started its first business solution in Germany, called 'sipgate für Telefonanlagen' (sipgate for telephone systems, Link). At the same time, HiPath BizIP has become part of the German sipgate hardware range (sipgate VoIP-Shop), after having been successfully tested with sipgate, in particular with the new feature 'sipgate für Telefonanlagen'.


  • May 8th, 2007: sipgate introduces a new free of charge fax software, called 'sipgate Faxdrucker', which enables customers to send faxes directly out of every Windows based application. For more information see: sipgate Faxdrucker