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The Send URL function on the OpenScape Desk Phone CP devices, allows a user to send a predefined HTTP or HTTPS request to a server in order to trigger a remote action. The functionality is available from a free programmable key (FPK), that has been configured for this feature. In the server response to a phones HTTP or HTTPS request, the phone can be triggered to (e.g.)

  • turn on the LED of the configured FPK (in different colours)
  • use a different blinking mode
  • overwrite the FPK label (CP600 only)

Technical details

  • The request can be sent in plain HTTP or encrypted HTTPS
  • The request can be of type GET or POST
  • The phone will not follow any type of redirect (3XX)
  • Authentication User ID and password will be sent as Parameters (no HTTP Basic Authentication)
  • When using HTTPS, the connected server can be validated according to the Authentication Policy (see Administration Guide)


A Send URL FPK can be configured via web based management or DLS. Please see example screenshot from WBM.

WBM ’Send URL FPK’ configuration