Restrict admin access

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Disable any use of phone lock

A new Admin/DLS level configuration item allows the use of phone lock (via keypad, menu and DLS) to be disabled. When set as disabled the phone becomes unlocked and the User local menu option to lock the phone will not appear.

Ability to disable WBM access

A new Admin/DLS level configuration item allows the phone to be configured to disable all access to Web Based Management. Other interfaces using the HTTP/HTTPS ports are unaffected by this setting.

All Admin access Restriction possibilities by Phone

Phone menu: Admin > System > Features > Feature access > Services
Access – Services
Bluetooth: Allow | Disallow
Web based mang.: Allow | Disallow
USB device access: Allow | Disallow
Backup to USB: Allow | Disallow
Feature toggle: Allow | Disallow
Phone lock: Allow | Disallow