Remote Administration via DLS within NAT environments (DCMP)

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This feature enhances the existing OpenStage phone’s DLS interface by providing a means for the OpenStage SIP Phone to make use of a DLS Server which is deployed behind a Firewall/NAT. Supporting DLS usage in NATed environments like hosted HiPath 8000 environment, a DLS Contact Me Proxy (DCMP) was introduced with optiPoint SIP phones. This feature is now also available for OpenStage SIP Phones.

A detailed description can be found in the updated OpenWPI documentation for V2 R0

Short Overview

What is the Problem?

Solution Overview

Device Requirements



Determines whether the OpenStage device will attempt to use thd DCMP procedures (i.e. contact the proxy at the address determined by the dcmp-url.

OCMS tag dcmp-enable
New Yes
Type Boolean
Default false
Profile Device
Access None (This data item is downloaded from DLS and not persisted on the device)
Menu No
Lockdown No
User backup No