Product Java Dependencies Overview

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Product Java Dependencies Overview

Since January 2019, Oracle Java SE 8 public updates will not be available for “business, commercial or production use” without a commercial license.

Oracle’s new Java subscription price list replaces previously available licenses and now provides a combined license and support subscription.

This enables commercial customers to gain access to continued support of Java beyond January 2019 as well as critical security patches.

Please find more details here:

We have checked our portfolio to establish where Oracle Java SE is being used either on the desktop/client side and/or on the server side.

Please find below the Product Java Dependencies Overview outlining for all Atos Unify portfolio elements whether they are affected or not.

Note: Our R&D departments have worked on the further product planning for each affected product - to come up with a timeline/release planning outlining when there will no longer be the need to use Oracle Java. Such a roadmap statement is already included for most of the products in the overview document, for others this will be delivered in addition, as an update here in the Experts Wiki space.

Outlook: The Product Java Dependencies Overview will be updated every quarter – to outline the latest status and especially to confirm when a new version has been released without the need to use Java from Oracle.

Atos Unify Product Java Dependencies Overview - Status 2021-09-20:

Atos Unify Customer Information on Oracle Java Subscription: