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The accessing of data from Microsoft Exchange Server has been primarily restricted for use on a PC or laptop. Using the capabilities of the AGP, the Microsoft Exchange server, WebDAV protocol and some server side programs, we can now provide access to the Microsoft Exchange server data via the IP phone DSM/APM.


Outlook op.JPG

Operational Overview:

  • The IP Phone sends key-value pairs to the servlet.
  • The Java servlet processes the request received from the phone and sends an XML query to the C# Middleware application.
  • The C# application parses the XML and processes the information contained.
  • The active directory is used for authentication purposes and for searching for contacts.
  • If the request is for information from the Exchange Server, the middleware sends a request to the Exhange server for the relevant information.
  • The exchange server responds with XML containing the required information.
  • The C# application processes this information and constructs XML to send to the Java Servlet.
  • The Servlet then processes the information received and constructs an XML screen and sends this to the IP Phone via an HTTP Response.

Key Features

  • Emails
  • Calendar
  • Tasks
  • Contacts