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<accesscontrol>OS-Training</accesscontrol> This page gives an overview about all available trainings for OpenStage phones.

Quick Reference Cards

Quick Reference Cards help users to get acquainted with the core functionality of the OpenStage phones. Open the PDF in the browser, or download it directly on your PC. Most of the "Important Operating procedures" contain a link with an video explanation and demonstration of the feature.

Print it out and put it under your phone for a quick lookup of a desired function. To get a high-quality printed version of this Quick Reference card, pls contact your local sales partner.

Technology OpenStage 40 OpenStage 60/80
*pdf.png  Quick Reference Card OpenStage 40 SIP *pdf.png  Quick Reference Card OpenStage 60-80 SIP
HFA available end of Jan 11 available end of Jan 11

Video Trainings

@Robert: pls write down 2-3 sentences about the goal and structure of the video training

First select the desired procedure, select your OpenStage telephone and then click either on SIP or HFA.

Quick Reference card scenarios

OpenStage 40 length OpenStage 60/80 length Summary

Basic telephony

Place a Call Video Video three options how to make a phone call
Answer a Call Video Video all options to answer a call
End a Call Video Video all options to End a Call
Using headset Video Video Place, Answer, End a call using a headset

Feature handling

Hold/Retrive a Call Video Video Hold/Retrieve a Call using context menu or FPK
Make a Conference Call Video Video Conference call using context menu
Transfer a Call Video Video describes the 3 different possibilities to transfer a call
Programming Call Forwarding Video  Video programming call forwarding using favorites; turning Call Forwarding for All calls on/off
Deflecting a Call Video Video Deflect a call; Deflect to Voicemail using FPK

Enhanced telephony

Dialing from Caller List e/o Feb 11 Using missed, dialed, recieived, forwarded call lists
Callback e/o Feb 11
Audio features e/o Feb 11 Mute, Switching Speakerphone/Handset mode
Saving a function to a key e/o Feb 11

Further scenarios

OpenStage 40 length OpenStage 60/80 length summary

Message services

Voicemail e/o Feb 11

Directory services

LDAP e/o Feb 11
e/o Feb 11

Web based trainings

Web based trainings give the user full choice and flexibility to learn "How to use your OpenStage".

OpenStage 15 OpenStage 40 OpenStage 60/80
End-User Training (Standard) International (English) Link to WBT

Deutschland  Link zum WBT

End-User Training (Premium)
Training for admins International (English)  Download WBT (28MB ZIP file download)
End-User Training
Training for admins
End-User Training
Training for admins


Further links

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