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*{{File-DL|Quick Reference Card OpenStage 60-80 SIP|pdf}}
*{{File-DL|Quick Reference Card OpenStage 60-80 SIP|pdf}}
[[Image:OS 40 QRC.JPG|link=]]
== Video Trainings  ==
== Video Trainings  ==

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<accesscontrol>OS-Training</accesscontrol> This page gives an overview about all available trainings for OpenStage phones.

Quick Reference Cards

1. dreispaltige Tabelle (Technologioe; OS 40 ; OS 60/80) 2. Downloadlink QRC und Thumbnail um es mit einem Klick zu öffnen

Technology OpenStage 40 OpenStage 60/80

Video Trainings

First select the desired procedure, select your OpenStage telephone and then click either on SIP or HFA.

Quick Reference card scenarios

OpenStage 40 length OpenStage 60/80 length Summary

Basic telephony

Place a Call SIP | HFA
Answer a Call SIP | HFA
End a Call SIP | HFA How to End a Call
Using headset SIP | HFA Place, Answer, End a call using a headset

Feature handling

Hold/Retrive a Call SIP | HFA Hold/Retrieve a Call using context menu or FPK
Make a Conference Call SIP | HFA
Transfer a Call SIP | HFA describes the 3 different possibilities to transfer a call
Programming Call Forwarding SIP | HFA
Deflecting a Call SIP | HFA Deflect a call; Deflect to Voicemail using FPK

Enhanced telephony

Dialing from Caller List Using missed, dialed, recieived, forwarded call lists
Audio features Mute, Switching Speakerphone/Handset mode
Saving a function to a key

Further scenarios

OpenStage 40 length OpenStage 60/80 length summary

Message services


Directory services


Web based trainings

Tabelle mit allen WBT links

zusätzlich Verweis auf APT

Further links

Verweis auf Phone Guide Live