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In this OpenStage SIP you will find answers to frequently asked questions on the OpenStage SIP phone family, divided into various topics.


What documents are there for the optiPoint phones and where do I find them?

All optiPoint phones are shipped with a printed document in multiple languages providing brief instruction regarding installation and operation.
Comprehensive administration instructions on installation, operation, and maintenance as well as detailed operating instructions for the user are provided in electronic form (for the most part in PDF format) on the optiPoint 410/420 S overview page. These documents also provide detailed information on topics such as device configuration, network settings, and applications.

How do I get an overview of the features of the optiPoint 410/420 S phones?

You will get a quick overview of the features in the corresponding data sheet on the optiPoint 410/420 S phones, which you can alternatively view under > Downloads > Data sheets.