OpenStage 15 and Key Module

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Family: OpenStage
Model: OpenStage 15
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Release: V2R0.30.0

The OpenStage Product Portfolio is enhanced with OpenStage 15 Phone in the color variants ice blue and lava. A new key module, the OpenStage Key Module 15, with paper labels in the color variants ice blue and lava is introduced. It fits the OpenStage models OpenStage 15 and 40.

os15-p.jpg OpenStage 15 plava.jpg
OpenStage 15: ice-blue and lava

OpenStage 15 SIP Overview

OpenStage 15 SIP Overview.png

OpenStage 15 Key Module

  • 18 free programmable keys with red LEDs (paper labeled, max. one Key module per phone)
  • Fits to new OpenStage 15 and OpenStage 40